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Performance Tuning For All Makes & Models

We Are Dragon Performance

Welcome to Dragon Performance, where you can get expert car remapping services all in one place. Using our top-of-the-line car tuning solutions, our knowledgeable team specialises in enhancing your car's performance and revealing its full potential. We can increase the power, torque, and general efficiency of your car thanks to our significant training and experience in ECU remapping and engine tuning.

You can depend on the calibre of our services when you choose Dragon Performance for your car remapping needs. To ensure that your car is operating at its peak, we only utilise premium parts and accessories. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing outstanding results and total customer satisfaction.


Look no further than Dragon Performance if you want to fully realise the potential of your vehicle. We'll assist you in achieving the performance you want with our professional car remapping, car tuning, ECU remapping, engine tuning, and engine remapping services. To make an appointment and advance your driving experience, contact us right now.




Using our stage 1 tuning solutions, our qualified specialists specialise in enhancing your car's performance and revealing its full potential. 


One of the most well-liked tuning options is the stage 1 remap, and for good reason. It's an affordable method to increase your car's power and torque without sacrificing its dependability. We can improve the throttle response of your automobile and boost its power output by up to 30% by changing the software settings in the ECU.


At Dragon Performance, we have affordable stage 1 remap prices to make sure that everyone can use our services. Because we think everyone should have the chance to improve their driving abilities, we work hard to provide our customers with solutions that are within their price range.


Want to increase the performance of your car? Look no further than Stage 2 Tuning from Dragon Performance. Our knowledgeable team specialises in offering top-tier Stage 2 Remap and Stage 2 Remapping solutions that can assist in maximising the capability of your car.


Stage 2 tuning entails enhancing numerous engine parts to boost your car's overall performance. This entails, among other things, improving the intercooler, exhaust system, and air intake system.


The software parameters of the engine are altered as part of our Stage 2 Remap service to accommodate the upgraded components. We can accomplish substantial increases in power, torque, and general efficiency by doing this.



At Dragon Performance, we recognise the significance of maintaining your car's performance while achieving maximum fuel efficiency. We provide Economical Remapping services in order to increase your car's fuel efficiency without reducing its performance.


The goal of economy remapping, sometimes referred to as economy tuning, is to optimise your car's engine software settings for optimal fuel economy. The fuel injection time and ignition timing of the engine are two characteristics that our skilled technicians can modify to produce the optimum results.


Dragon Performance's Economical Remapping services are the answer if you want to increase your car's fuel economy without losing performance. Make an appointment with us right away to take advantage of our Economical Tuning services.


Dragon Remapping can recalibrate your fleet's vehicles to your specific requirements which will enable fuel savings, RPM / speed restrictions and a reduction in CO2 emissions.




Any diesel engine can be susceptible to soot build-up, especially those mainly driven around town or on short or low speed journeys.




Problems with your EGR or AdBlue? Here at Dragon remapping we can remove your EGR and AdBlue to improve, power, fuel consumptionand throttle response.




Here at Dragon Remapping, we offer the Transmission Tuning Software from xHP for BMW's across Wales and Scotland. xHP have invested heavily in the software to give the absolute best results.


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